SAP Tcodes for Accounts Payable: SAP Transaction Codes List for Accounts Payable

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SAP Tcodes, short for Transaction Codes, are like special keys that unlock specific functions within the SAP application. They serve as handy shortcuts, eliminating the need for tedious menu navigation. Instead, it would be best to type the appropriate T-Code into the command bar, and you'll instantly access the function you're looking for.

In this article, we've compiled a comprehensive SAP Tcodes list for Accounts Payable to help streamline your processes and reduce processing time.

What is Accounts Payable in SAP?

Accounts Payable in SAP operates as a submodule within SAP FI (Financial Accounting), the backbone for recording and overseeing vendor activities. It manages the entire vendor invoicing process, from receipt and validation to approval and payment. All transactions conducted within Accounts Payable are seamlessly integrated with the General Ledger, ensuring financial accuracy.

This submodule encompasses vital processes, including creating and maintaining vendor master data, thorough invoice handling, prompt payments, and the ongoing analysis and reconciliation of vendor accounts. Additionally, Accounts Payable provides various reporting and forecasting tools to track outstanding payments, predict future cash flows, and gain invaluable insights into vendor-related financial data.

List of SAP Tcodes for Accounts Payable

Below is a comprehensive list of 40 of the most frequently used SAP Tcodes for Accounts Payable:

#Transaction CodeTransaction DescriptionApplication Description
1F-41Enter Vendor Credit MemoReduce the amount of an outstanding invoice due to returned goods, discounts, or overpayments.
2F-43Enter Vendor InvoiceRecord an invoice from a vendor for goods or services that have been provided.
3F-44Clear VendorPerform vendor clearing transactions within Financial Accounting.
4F-51Post with ClearingPost a document and clear it against one or more other documents.
5F-54Clear Vendor Down PaymentClear a vendor down payment against one or more invoices.
6F-13Automatic ClearingAutomatically clear open items based on predefined selection criteria.
8F110Parameters for Automatic PaymentConfigure parameters for automated payment processing within Financial Accounting.
9FB10Invoice/Credit Memo Fast EntryRecord vendor invoices and credit memos in SAP ERP.
10FB02Change DocumentModify and update financial documents within Financial Accounting.
11FB05Post with ClearingPost financial transactions with clearing in Financial Accounting.
12FB60Enter Incoming InvoicesEnter incoming invoices in Basic Functions.
13FBL1NVendor Line ItemsView detailed vendor transaction history in an Information System.
14FBZ0Display/Edit Payment ProposalAccess and edit payment proposals within Financial Accounting.
15FK03Display Vendor (Accounting)Access and view vendor accounting details in Financial Accounting.
16FS10NBalance DisplayView the balances and financial data within the Financial Accounting module.
17KSB1Cost Centers: Actual Line ItemsReview actual line items associated with cost centers in Controlling.
18MB51Material Doc. ListAccess a list of material documents in Inventory Management.
19MB52List of Warehouse Stocks on HandRetrieve a list of warehouse stocks on hand in Inventory Management.
20MD04Display Stock/Requirements SituationReview stock and requirements situations related to materials in Master Data.
21ME21NCreate Purchase OrderInitiate the creation of a purchase order within the Purchasing module.
22ME22NChange Purchase OrderModify and update existing purchase orders within the Purchasing module.
23ME23NDisplay Purchase OrderAccess and review existing purchase orders within the Purchasing module.
24ME2LPurchase Orders by VendorRetrieve a list of purchase orders sorted by vendor in Purchasing.
25MIGOGoods movementExecute goods movements and updates in Inventory Management.
26MIR4Call MIRO – Change StatusChange the status of invoices in the Invoice Verification process.
24MIROEnter InvoiceEnter vendor invoices and initiate the invoice verification process.
27MM01Create MaterialInitiate the creation of new materials in Material Master.
28MM02Change MaterialModify and update material information in the Material Master.
29MM03Display MaterialView detailed information about materials in the Material Master.



MMBEStock OverviewAccess an overview of material stocks in Material Master.
31VF01Create Billing DocumentInitiate the creation of billing documents within Billing.
32VF02Change Billing DocumentModify and update billing documents within Billing.
33VF03Display Billing DocumentAccess and view billing documents within Billing.
34XK01Create Vendor Create a new vendor master record in SAP ERP.
35XK02Change vendor (centrally)Modify and update vendor data centrally in Basic Functions.
36XK03Display vendor (centrally)Access and view vendor information centrally in Basic Functions.


SAP Tcodes for Accounts Payable are invaluable tools that streamline and optimise financial processes. These shortcuts enable efficient navigation through vendor transactions, invoices, and payments, ultimately reducing processing times and boosting productivity. Whether managing vendor relationships, reconciling accounts, or generating insightful reports, these Tcodes empower users to make informed decisions and maintain financial accuracy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are SAP Tcodes for Accounts Payable?

SAP Tcodes for Accounts Payable are alphanumeric codes in the SAP system that serve as shortcuts to access specific functions related to vendor transactions, invoices, and payments, simplifying and expediting these processes.

How do SAP Tcodes benefit Accounts Payable?

SAP Tcodes benefit Accounts Payable by streamlining and accelerating tasks like vendor invoice processing, payment approvals, and account reconciliation. They enhance efficiency, reduce manual effort, and minimise errors in managing financial transactions.

Can SAP Tcodes be used for other financial functions?

Yes, SAP Tcodes are versatile and can be applied to various financial functions beyond Accounts Payable, including General Ledger accounting, purchase order management, and sales order processing, making them valuable tools for optimising various financial processes within the SAP system.

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