Invoice discounting benefits for Buyers

Invoice Discounting gives your vendors the ability to request early payment in exchange of a discount. You can choose to fund this early payment using treasury funds, banks, or TReDs platforms. While this helps your vendors manage their cash flows better, it goes a long way in strengthening your relationships with your supply chain partners.

Clear Invoice Discounting integrates directly with your ERP to provide an innovative platform for you and your suppliers, digitising your supply chain by eliminating manual interventions. We provide you the ability to finance early payment requests via Banks and TReDS portals, ultimately increasing your EBITDA.

Increase in

Assured increase in EBITDA
with the Early Payment Program

Strengthen relationships with suppliers

Help suppliers optimise their working capital and strengthen your relationship

Integration with

The platform integrates with most ERPs to provide a seamless experience

No manual

A completely digital process eliminates any manual intervention

Enable invoice discounting to reap EBITDA benefits

Trusted by Buyers

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The Indian financial system is outpacing the country’s economic growth by leaps and bounds. Powered by unprecedented innovations such as dynamic discounting, MSMEs and large corporates across the supply chain have leveraged technology-enabled solutions to boost their profitability, efficiency and compliance.

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