Invoice Discounting

Maximise EBITDA by paying your vendors early using India's best Invoice Discounting and Supply Chain Finance Platform

Gain 2-5x additional returns with zero overheads

Digitise Vendor Management

Increase vendor participation upto 3 times

Flexible finance options for early invoice payment

Go live in days with quickest ERP integration

Calculate your EBITDA savings with Clear Invoice Discounting

We guarantee upto 60% vendor participation and 2-3x higher usage

Run a pilot to discover additional EBITDA that your enterprise can generate on treasury cash

Calculate your EBITDA savings
with Clearfin Invoice Discounting

We guarantee upto 60% vendor participation and 2-3x higher usage

Run a pilot to discover additional EBITDA that your Enterprise
can generate on treasury cash


Thousands of Vendors


Lakhs of Invoices


Billions of Invoice Value

What is Invoice Discounting?

Invoice discounting is non-collateralised supply chain credit where suppliers are paid early by corporate customers against a discount.

Watch this quick video to know more about invoice discounting and how it helps Buyers, Vendors and Financiers.

Eligibility criteria for Invoice Discounting

Invoice discounting is a financing option available for all businesses. However, enterprises with large MSME vendor bases have more to gain with invoice discounting.

For Buyers

Increase EBITDA by discounting invoices of your large supplier base using treasury funds, banks or TReDs. Fully integrated with ERP.

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For Suppliers

Use EarlyPay to access affordable financing anytime on your pending invoices. Get real-time status on invoice processing and payments.

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For Financiers

Enable low-risk vendor financing via AI/ML powered platform. Increase limit utilisation by getting access to good-rated corporates.

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How does Invoice Discounting work?

Here's how the entire process of invoice discounting works with Clear Invoice Discounting

How is Invoice Discounting unique?

2-5x returns

60% plus vendor participation resulting in  2x discounted invoices; ability to discount invoices throughout the year

Zero overheads

3k+ enterprise worth experience of integrations, onboarding and customer success

AI/ML powered solution

Solve for invoices, taxes, payments and credits together making it an all-in-one solution

Unlimited supply options

Choose from Treasury, TReDS, Bank/NBFCs for financing through the platform

Fully digital set-up

Deep and bi-directional ERP integrations with automated reconciliation and accounting

Dynamic bidding

Flexibility for vendors to bid discount rates and days at each invoice level

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About Clear

Clear Invoice Discounting is the new financial services offering from the makers of Cleartax. We are eager to replicate our success in simplifying tax and compliance to the financial services sector, in short “simplify finance”. We are focused on creating customer-first products that reimagine what is possible and simplify financial services, to help supply-side partners manage their funnel exposure smartly and as per need.

At Clear, we have been making usable and dependable software solutions that serve individuals, SMEs, CAs, and enterprise customers since 2011. The repeated requests from our customers for other high-quality solutions to augment their existing software products led us to launch Clear Invoice Discounting, which will run in parallel to our existing software/SaaS offering and provide select financial services..

Clear Invoice Discounting is the first product to be launched under the new financial services offerings, and enables suppliers to get paid early on their invoices – rather than wait out the long credit periods. For the enterprise or buyer companies, it provides multiple ways to easily fund these early payments at a mutually-agreed discount, leading to a win-win for both parties.

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Frequently asked questions

1. What is invoice discounting?

Invoice discounting is a process where a vendor gets paid against an invoice on a date earlier than the agreed credit period. The amount paid will be lower than the actual invoice amount, hence the process is called invoice discounting. 

2. What is meant by discount rate in invoice discounting?

The discount rate is the cost of getting paid early, for the vendor. The amount of discount depends on the period for which the early payment is sought and other factors such as the cost of capital by the buyer/financier.

3. How is this program run for an enterprise?

The invoice discounting program is enabled by the buyer over the fully-digital Clear platform, where vendors can request early payment. An enterprise can leverage its own funds or use invoice marketplaces and earn higher return than most investment instruments.

4. How can enterprise leverage its own funds for early payment program?

The enterprises can directly source from the treasury or use from unutilised bank limits. 

5. How is this program used by vendors?

Vendors bid for early payment against their invoices. They can use early payments to meet their working capital requirements.

6. Is the program useful for my business?

The program is useful for all enterprises (buyers) that have a ₹ 300 Cr+ annualised spend on vendors and work with a supplier credit period of 30+ days.

7. How is this program different from factoring or reverse factoring?

This program gives the flexibility to deploy your own funds in financing your supply chain against a financier-driven factoring program. Additionally, this is a fully-digital program, thereby removing any overheads, paperwork, and hassles that are associated with factoring programs.

8. How much time does it take to make this program go live?

The Clear Invoice Discounting program can be made live in 2-4 weeks, depending on the type of ERP of the buyer. Once that is done, it takes just a few minutes to invite and onboard your vendors.

9. Is my data secure on Clear Invoice discounting?

Yes, the Clear platform follows industry best practices for data protection.

10. Is invoice discounting a funded credit option?

Invoice discounting works like a revolving funding facility where service provider forwards funds against unpaid invoices on the basis of their worth.

11. Will invoice discounting affect my balance sheet?

No, invoice discounting is an off-balance sheet item since it is availed on the basis on unsettled invoices.

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