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Customise your GST Bills with attactive templates

With ClearOne's billing software, track and share your bills

Create other documents like E-way Bills, Delivery challans, and much more

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Vendor payment collection made quick and easy

Online payment collection via UPI or netbanking

Payment links can be sent via SMS, whatsapp or Email

Invoices get marked as paid, automatically

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Get low stock alerts everytime the stock falls below a minimum value

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is billing software?

Billing software is a program that accurately tracks the products and services that can be billed and shipped to customers. Billing software can also have an app version. A GST billing software can ensure that the users generate GST-compliant invoices, bills of supply, delivery challans, and proforma invoices with the correct GST rate, tax amounts and HSN code. It also acts as an online payment app for efficient and faster payment collection. It further doubles up as an inventory management software for small businesses

2. How many types of billing software are there?

Two types of billing software are available in the market - standalone and bundled billing software. A standalone billing software offers only billing services without other accounting features such as payment collections, GST bill payment tracking and inventory management. Hence, you may need separate accounting software to manage your accounting activities. On the other hand, bundled billing software allows you to carry out billing and accounting tasks on a single software. Both types have different pricing packages.

3. How can I send invoices to my customer?

You can send GST bills created on the ClearOne software via email, SMS, or Whatsapp to your customers with a single click of a button.

4. How does ClearOne billing software help small businesses?

The ClearOne GST billing software assists small business owners in creating invoices, bills, e-invoices, e-way bills, proforma invoices, quotations, and other business documents quickly with ease. It helps small businesses:
-Create professional GST invoices
-Create GST bills anywhere and on the bill making app or free billing software for PC
-Generate e-way bills and e-invoices with just one click
-Send payment links or QR codes on the bills while sharing it with buyers via ClearOne with a single click of a button. Also, your invoices are auto-tagged when the payment is collected.-Make payment links and share with buyers independent of any invoice or document, including for advances with easy tracking.

5. What are the types of documents that can be created through ClearOne billing software?

Following are the various types of business documents one can create on the GST billing software-
-Debit/credit notes
-e-Way Bills
-Bills of supply
-Delivery challans

6. Should I need internet to generate invoices and send them to customers. Is ClearOne a cloud-based online billing software?

Yes. ClearOne is a cloud-based software. You need to have an internet connection to use the ClearOne app as it enables you to operate your business and raise GST bills or share it with customers anytime and anywhere. With one-click sharing, businesses can share invoices with customers through WhatsApp and email within seconds. Your data gets saved on the cloud-based servers and can be retrieved easily if your device crashes anytime.

7. Is the ClearOne software free of cost?

The ClearOne billing software is free GST billing software for a brief period. All features can be used free of cost until notified. Our team will inform you when it is no longer available as free billing software.

8. Is ClearOne available for mobile users?

You can use the ClearOne invoicing software anytime and any place on devices such as a desktop PC, laptop, mobile, and iPad.

10. How is ClearOne GST billing software different from other billing software available in the market?

-ClearOne allows you to get an edge over your competitors using professionally designed bills, digital business cards, and other documents.
-Your business is up and running in no time without a need for setup. Make, style, and share documents within a minute.
-Send GST bills to your customers in a single click and get payment collections, either tagged to invoice or independently, using the QR codes along with tracking.-Make bills which are GST and NIC compliant from time to time.
-Download and send documents to your CA at any point in time for GST return filing.
-Verify your business partner’s GST compliance history using our GSTIN search feature.-Conveniently convert estimates into GST bills. You can create e-way bills, credit/debit notes and e-invoices from bills. You can create invoices by duplicating them with a single click.
-Enjoy peace of mind with data stored in highly-secure cloud-based servers, with bank-grade security.

11. How to generate invoices and do payment collections using ClearOne?

Following are the steps that businesses must carry out to generate invoices:
1. Generate professional GST bills through web or mobile with payment links
2. Sign the invoices digitally. 
3. Share the bills with customers through WhatsApp and email with a click of a button.
4. Track and collect payments on time for every invoice without a miss.
Alternatively, if you want to get payments from customers independent of GST bills raised, including for advances, you can also create a common payment link which you can share with customers with a single click and track it easily.

12. Who must use ClearOne software?

The ClearOne invoicing software can be used by any business for easy and quick invoice management. A GST registered business or otherwise can use the software. Business to Business (B2B) traders, wholesalers or B2B or Business to Consumers (B2C) service providers having small to medium practice can use the software. ClearOne is also suitable for independent contractors such as civil engineers, electricians or freelance content writers or graphic designers and artists. Trusts, non-profit organisations, educational institutions and law firms can also adopt ClearOne software for better management of billing and payment collections.

13. How can businesses manage inventory on ClearOne billing software?

ClearOne is India’s best inventory management software for a complete inventory management system. You can conveniently manage inventory lists online using this stock management software. This stock management system also notifies you with low stock alerts. Also, obtain advanced reports on the inventory movement on this inventory software

14. How does ClearOne software simplify the invoice payment collection process?

ClearOne doubles up as one of the online payment apps or payment collection software for invoice payment collection. Every GST bill will have an SMS pay link for the customers to conveniently and swiftly pay towards the invoice sent to them. Alternatively, the payment links can also be sent to customers via SMS, WhatsApp, or email with the option to send reminders. GST bills are automatically updated with the payment status.

15. Is the ClearOne billing software safe to use?

Yes, the ClearOne software is safe and secure to use by any business. All your data is stored in cloud-based servers and can be recovered easily even when you change your device or if it crashes. The servers are highly secure with a bank-grade level of security to ensure your data is safe.

16. What are the upcoming features on the ClearOne billing software?

- Full-scale AR, collections and payment tracking
- Netbanking and UPI payment directly on the bill
- Customer portal for customers to view and download bill, and receipts to see their balance
- One-click data sharing with CA
- Option to export invoice data into the Clear GST platform format and then upload
- Access to new template designs, and specifically for industry use cases
- Purchases, expenses and more accounting features

17. How is ClearOne better when compared to the Accounting software or ERPs available in the market?

ClearOne is simple to use yet more advanced compared to its competitors. ERPs are made for accountants, whereas the ClearOne billing software is made for business owners, and hence is much more intuitive. It has better UX and templates to offer. Furthermore, it supports e-invoices and e-way bill compliance from within the ClearOne software. Moreover, the ClearOne software allows the conversion of documents from estimates to GST bills to e-invoices and e-way bills very smoothly on the go.

18. How much time does it take to raise an invoice on ClearOne billing software?

It only takes less than 60 seconds on an average basis to raise a GST bill on ClearOne billing software.

19. I have fewer bills to raise. Should I use excel or word instead of ClearOne billing software?

No, it is highly recommended to go for ClearOne invoicing software rather than raising bills using a word or excel based tool. It is because you can choose from various aesthetic templatesYou can easily make e-way bills and e-invoices wherever applicable. You can also track payment collection with ease. ClearOne also supports many other documents such as business cards, estimates, and delivery challans, to mention a few.

20. How can I make e-way bills or e-invoices from a GST invoice on ClearOne?

You can easily create the e-way bills and e-invoices with a single click of a button from a GST invoice. You need not enter the bill details once again for e-invoice or e-way bill generation. Further, you can enjoy a single-click generation of e-invoices out of e-way bills.

21. Will bills generated on ClearOne be GST compliant?

All document templates created on the ClearOne software are always GST-compliant since the software updates instantly for all the changes in the regulations or by the GST Network.

22. How can bills be designed or templatised?

The ClearOne software offers several free impressive templates, tailor-made for many industries and you can customise as per your business requirement. The templates are made for every use case, including a service provider, a trader or manufacturer or wholesaler. Accordingly, the fields or items or descriptions or elements can be inserted into the GST bill with the help of many templates. ClearOne provides you with the option to customise GST bills by also adding logos, watermark-free, business names, and digital signatures.

23. How to match payments for invoices on ClearOne?

ClearOne allows you to conveniently track and receive payment collections for invoices raised on buyers. Every seller can insert the payment link or QR code easily into the bills while creating them. Once the payment is received from the customer, the bill gets auto-tagged as ‘paid’.

24. Can I know the payment options available to me for my sales invoices?

The buyers or customers get various modes of payment for GST bills raised by you on ClearOne. These payment options on ClearOne also include UPI and net banking. 

25. Can I find a dashboard on ClearOne to view all my GST bills?

Absolutely! You can check out all your documents on a comprehensive dashboard. The screen can also display the status of payment for every bill. Further, you can see the payment status as ‘paid’ or ‘unpaid’ against every bill or document on ClearOne.

26. What are the fields or items or elements that I customise and add to my invoice on ClearOne?

Using the ClearOne software, you can customise GST bill fields such as the vehicle number, transporter details, dispatch number, and salesperson details, and enjoy an unrestricted length of product descriptions apart from the item and payment information.

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