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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is meant by an inventory management software or inventory management system?

An inventory management software or inventory management system refers to a software program that tracks and manages the stock or inventory in an organization. It is essential for organizations handling inventory to use good inventory management software. It would be convenient to go for invoicing software that also has built-in inventory management features such as the ClearOne stock management software. It is used to track the goods, inventory reorder point, stock levels, an issue for production, etc.

2. How can ClearOne help small business owners?

The ClearOne GST billing software allows small business owners to quickly create invoices, bills, e-way bills, proforma invoices or quotations, including business cards and other business documents with ease. It helps small businesses as follows:
-Creates professional GST invoices and bills.
-Creates GST invoices anytime and anywhere on the free billing software for PC or bill making app. 
-Generates e-way bills against invoices with just one click.
-Send QR codes or payment links on the invoices while transferring it to the buyers through the ClearOne software with a single click. Moreover, your bills are auto-tagged after payment collection.
-Make payment links and share them with customers without tagging it to any bill or document, including for advance receipts, and track easily.
-Get low stock alerts for an efficient inventory management so that sales are not affected.

3. What are the types of documents that can be created through ClearOne?

Following are the features of a perfect inventory software:
-Supports inventory tracking
-Allows product categorization 
-Enables automated stock replenishment
-Integrates warehouse data with the sales channel
-Supports scanning and tracking assets electronically
-Must be secured for hacking or theft
-Generates reports to check the order history and sales trend

4. Is the inventory management software free of cost?

The ClearOne billing software is available as stock management software free of cost up to a brief period. A business owner can use all features free of cost until notified by our team. We will notify you when it is no longer available as free billing-cum-inventory management software.

5. What devices support the ClearOne software?

The ClearOne software can function on devices like the desktop PC, laptop, mobile, and iPad, from anywhere, at any time.

6. Can you guide me on how to access the ClearOne app on mobile phones?

Currently, the ClearOne app is a free inventory management app available on the Android Playstore for mobile users. Download the app, install it and begin using.

7. Who should use the inventory management software?

An inventory management software is essential for businesses of all sizes. ClearOne is a cloud-based inventory management software that is apt for traders, retailers, wholesalers, distributors and MSME manufacturers.

8. How can businesses carry out online inventory management on the ClearOne billing software?

ClearOne is India’s best inventory management software for small businesses that also support invoicing for a complete inventory management system. You can easily track and manage inventory lists online using this inventory management system. This stock management software also updates you about low stock alerts. Further, you can obtain advanced reports on the inventory movement on this inventory software.

9.  Is the ClearOne invoicing and inventory software safe to use?

Yes! The ClearOne inventory software is safe and secure for use by many businesses. The data is securely stored over the cloud-based servers and can be retrieved conveniently in case you change your device or if the device crashes. The team uses highly secure servers with a bank-grade level of security for ensuring 100% data security.

10. Can we know the upcoming invoice, payment and inventory features of the ClearOne?

Following are some of the new releases expected in the coming months:
- Full-scale Accounts Receivable (AR), payment collections and its tracking
- Net banking and UPI payment modes being made available directly on the invoice
- Access to the customer portal for the use of your customers to view and download invoices, and receipts, and check their balance dues
- Option of one-click data sharing with CA and tax experts
- Option to export invoice data into the Clear GST platform format and then upload
- Features to account for and track purchases, expenses and much more.
- Access to new template designs, specifically for industry use cases
- Enjoy a simpler and quicker KYC and onboarding process with ClearOne
- Get options to edit payment links even after it is generated
- Get an exclusive dashboard for purchase invoices for every purchase entry made
- Access to advanced reports on accounts receivables and inventory

11. What are the steps for inventory management on ClearOne?

Following are the steps for inventory management on ClearOne:
-Add all your items and track your inventory via ClearOne
-Set low inventory reminders as soon as the inventory levels drop below min inventory
-Track the history of every edit done on inventory via the ‘Stock history report’
-Inventory gets automatically adjusted for every invoice you generate

12. I am a retailer and find it difficult to track which products have moved in my warehouse. What to do?

ClearOne inventory system will help you digitise your inventory management. You will have a daily understanding of what has been sold, what has been added and what is remaining of your inventory - All at your fingertips!

13. I am a wholesaler and have lost many opportunities to fulfil big orders because I did not have enough inventory. Is there a solution?

ClearOne inventory maintenance software has low inventory reminders which alert you to stock up on time so that you never miss out on big orders.

14. How does ClearOne have an upper hand in comparison to any Accounting software or ERPs in the market?

ClearOne is a simplified software which is advanced in comparison to its competitors. Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPs) are developed for accountants. However, the ClearOne billing software is built for business owners. Hence, it is much more intuitive and easy to use. The solution has a better user interface and templates to offer. Moreover, it enables other compliance such as e-invoicing and e-way bill from within the ClearOne software. Further, the ClearOne invoicing and inventory management system allows the documents to be converted with a single click of a button such as from estimates to invoices to e-way bills.

15. What is a stock history report available on the ClearOne inventory system?

The stock history report refers to an advanced report that provides detailed information about the inward and outward movement of all types of inventory in an organisation during a particular period of time.

16. Why should I use online inventory management instead of manual inventory management?

The manual inventory management process is always prone to errors since it involves human intervention. Further, this option does not use servers and is also not available round the clock, unlike the online inventory management. In manual systems, there is almost no visibility of work or progress made by employees for the employer. Moreover, team collaboration becomes difficult. Whereas the online inventory management systems ensures accuracy and supports team collaboration, remote working, insightful reports, timely updates for regulations, storage that is scalable and ease of access.

17. Who has access to my inventory?

Any person aware of your user credentials can access, manage or handle inventory of your organization on the inventory software.

18. Does creating invoices automatically update my inventory?

Yes. While creating the sales invoice, every item added to invoice will automatically update the inventory list.

19. How can I make a purchase entry for inventory procured from supplier?

Whenever you buy inventory, you can create purchase entries on the ClearOne software. These entries will provide details of items, quantity and price of inventory purchased.

20. How can I track my supplier payables?

After every purchase entry made, the inventory is automatically updated and will hence give an idea to the business owner about the quantity of stock they have procured and the amount owed.

21. How can I manage the inventory round the clock or 24x7?

You can access the ClearOne software round the clock to manage inventory on all devices including laptop, desktop PC, mobile phone and iPad while on the go.

22. How can I identify if I’m running out of inventory?

You can get automatic alerts for low stock. All you need to do is to set a lower limit of inventory and everytime the inventory quantity falls below that value, you get an alert. Hence, you will then know that you must place an order with the vendor.

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