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Create other documents like E-way Bills, Credit/Debit notes, and much more

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is invoicing software?

Invoicing software is a program that correctly traces the goods and services that can be invoiced and shipped to customers. Invoicing software can also have an app version. A GST invoicing software can make sure that the users raise GST-compliant invoices, bills of supply, delivery challans, and proforma invoices with the accurate GST rate, tax amounts and HSN code. It also doubles as an online payment app for efficient and faster payment collection. It further acts as an inventory management software for small businesses.

2. How does ClearOne invoicing software help small businesses?

The ClearOne GST invoicing software helps small business owners and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in making invoices, e-invoices, e-way bills, proforma invoices, quotations, and other trade documents swiftly with ease. It assists small businesses to:
-Create professional GST invoices.
-Make GST invoices from anywhere and on the free billing software for PC and bill making apps.
-Create e-way bills and e-invoices with just a single click of a button on the invoicing system.
-Generate payment links or QR codes on the invoice while sharing it with customers via ClearOne with a single click and get invoices auto-tagged when payment is made.
-Create payment links independent of any invoice or document, including for advances, share with customers and track easily.

3. What are the different types of documents that can be made on the ClearOne invoicing software?

The various types of business documents that one can create on the ClearOne GST invoicing software or best invoice app are as follows:
-Tax invoices
-Electronic invoices
-Debit notes or credit notes
-e-way bills
-Bills of supply for exempt and non
-GST supplies
-Delivery challans

4. Should I buy ClearOne online invoicing software paying some price?

The ClearOne invoicing software for small business is available as free invoicing software for a brief time. All exclusive features can be utilised and tried for free of cost until notified. Our team will keep you informed when the invoicing system is no longer available as free GST invoicing software.

5. How can I share the invoice with my customer?

You can share invoices generated on the ClearOne software via email, SMS, or Whatsapp with your customers with a single click.

6. How can ClearOne be an easy invoicing management tool?

ClearOne is the best invoicing software as it allows one to create professional-looking invoices, digital business cards, and other documents. It takes the least setup time to begin free online invoicing. The software is up-to-date for all GST and NIC updates and hence creates compliant invoices. Users can send invoices to their customers with a single click and get payment collections using the QR codes together with the invoice payment details. You can conveniently convert estimates into invoices and many more with a single click. It also gives low stock alerts acting as stock management software.

7. What are the devices on which I can use the ClearOne invoicing software?

ClearOne invoicing software can be used round the clock or 24x7 while on the go on devices such as a laptop, desktop PC, mobile, and iPad.

8.  Can I access ClearOne using a mobile phone?

Absolutely! The ClearOne app by ClearTax happens to be the best invoice app accessible on Android Playstore for mobile users.

9. How does ClearOne invoicing software act as inventory software?

ClearOne is also India’s best inventory management software that acts as a holistic inventory management system. You can easily manage online inventory lists with the help of our stock management software. Our stock management system also alerts users of any low stock. Moreover, they can obtain smart reports on the inventory movement on our inventory software.

10. How can ClearOne invoicing software ensure invoice payment collection?

ClearOne acts as the payment collection software or one of the online payment apps for invoice payment collection. Each and every invoice has the SMS pay link for the buyers to easily and swiftly pay for the invoice shared with them. Also, the users can share payment links with the buyers via SMS, WhatsApp, or e-mail and can schedule reminders. They can automatically update the invoices with the payment status.

11. Who must use ClearOne invoicing software?

The ClearOne invoicing software is apt for any business owner for quick and efficient invoice management without hassles. A business, whether or not registered under the GST law, can use the software. Business to Business (B2B) retailers, wholesalers or B2B, as well as Business to Consumers (B2C) service businesses operating big or small, can take benefit from the software features. ClearOne is suited for independent contractors like a civil engineer, electrician or freelance content writer or graphic designer and artist. Non-profit organisations, trusts, educational institutions and law firms can also begin using the ClearOne software for efficient management of invoicing and faster payment collections.

12. Can you share the list of upcoming features on the ClearOne invoicing software?

- Full-scale accounts receivables, payment collections and tracking
- UPI and net banking modes of payment directly on the invoice
- Availability of a customer portal for buyers to check and download invoices, and receipts as well as verify their balance 
- Availability of one-click data sharing with CA and tax professionals
- Option to export invoice data into the Clear GST platform format and then upload
- Access to new template designs, and particularly for industry use cases
- Purchases, expenses and more accounting features

13. How is cloud-based online invoicing software beneficial?

Using the one-click sharing feature, businesses can send invoices to their customers via WhatsApp and email in a matter of seconds. The data gets stored on the cloud-based servers and can be recovered easily if the device crashes anytime.

14. How to generate invoices and do payment collections using ClearOne?

The following lays down the process of generating invoices by businesses:
1. Create professional invoices via the web portal or on a mobile phone and also add payment links
2. Digitally sign the invoices created. 
3. Send invoices to buyers via WhatsApp and e-mail with a click of a button.
4. Trace and get payments on time for each and every invoice without a miss.

However, if you need to obtain payments from customers without marking any invoices raised, such as advance receipts then you can also generate a common payment link that you can share with customers with a single click and track it without hassles.

15. Can I raise invoices on ClearOne without the internet?

No, you cannot raise invoices without an internet connection on ClearOne. The invoicing software is cloud-based and supports only online invoice creation and not offline invoice creation. It is because ClearOne allows remote generation and management of invoices and other documents, thus requiring an internet connection.

16. How can I create e-way bills or e-invoices from the GST invoice on ClearOne?

You can conveniently generate the e-way bills and e-invoices with a single click of a button from a GST invoice. It means that you do not need to re-enter the invoice details separately for e-invoice or e-way bill generation. Moreover, you can enjoy a one-click generation of e-invoices from e-way bills.

17. Will invoices generated on ClearOne be GST compliant?

All templates of invoices or documents created on the ClearOne software are always GST-compliant and also are up to date with all the regulations.

18. How can invoices be designed or templatized?

The ClearOne software provides a wide range of free attractive templates, tailor-made for every industry and can be customized as per the business requirement. Templates are designed for every use case even including for a service provider or trader or manufacturer or wholesaler. Depending on whether you are a service provider or manufacturer or retailer, the fields or items or descriptions or elements can be added to the invoice with a wide range of templates. ClearOne allows you to customize your invoice by also adding logos, watermark-free, business name, and digital signatures.

19. How to reconcile payments against my invoices on ClearOne?

ClearOne provides a convenient way to track and get payment collections for invoices raised on customers. You, as a seller, can add the payment link or QR code to invoices while generating them. Once the payment has been made by the customer, the invoice gets auto-tagged as paid

20. What are the payment options available for my invoice payment?

The customers get multiple modes of payment for invoices raised by you on ClearOne. The payment options available on ClearOne include UPI and net banking.

21. Do I get a dashboard to view all my invoices on ClearOne?

Yes, you can get a single view of all your invoices on a smart dashboard that can also display the payment status for every invoice. In other words, you can see the status of payment as paid or unpaid against every invoice or document on ClearOne.

22. What are the different fields or items or elements that I can add to my invoice?

On the ClearOne software, the users can add custom fields such as the dispatch number, vehicle number, salesperson, transport details, and product descriptions of any length, apart from the item and payment details.

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