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  • Synchronized Smart Processes
  • De-Risk Non-Compliance
  • Improve Finance Value
Continuum of inter connected processes to manage sales & purchase invoice lifecycles
Auto-manage direct & indirect taxes eliminating risk due to convergence of tax & supply chain
Improve finance margins to maximise savings on taxes & ITC claims
Synchronised Smart Processes
Continuum of interconnected processes to manage sales & purchase invoice lifecycles
De-Risk Non-Compliance
Auto-manage direct & indirect taxes eliminating risk due to convergence of tax & supply chain
Improve Finance Value
Improve finance margins to maximise savings on taxes & ITC claims
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Enable real-time compliance
Secure loss against tax scams & frauds
Save tax & increase ITC
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clear Finance Cloud?

Clear Finance Cloud is a unified platform that weaves interconnected processes between accounts payable, accounts receivable, tax, and treasury through a common information flow, breaking the data and process silos. It is proven to digitally synchronize the entire sales and purchase invoice lifecycle, de-risking non-compliance across direct and indirect taxes, and most importantly improve finance value.

How can Clear Finance Cloud help finance decision makers?

Clear Finance Cloud helps finance decision makers break the process, data, and operations silos across finance functions. Create a continuum of interconnected processes between finance teams. Drive joint finance KPIs unifying the teams with common mission across to achieve finance value goals.

Does Clear Finance Cloud bring the total cost of ownership down?

Yes. Enterprises of all sizes tend to invest in stand alone tools that lead to pockets of digitization. However, with a number of un-integrated tools they end-up managing an inventory of discrete tools that are stitched through manual handshakes realizing the value only marginally. With Clear Finance cloud, the process is systemized and automated end-to-end right from Clear’s platform to enterprise ERP. This brings the TCO substantially down and improves the efficiency, productivity, and financial ROI.

Will I need to make any changes to my ERP?

No. Clear Finance Cloud is SaaS and operates in an ERP central digital schema. It seamlessly integrates with the enterprise ERP without disrupting any of the existing data tables, processes, and access. The system creates additional tables as per the workflow requirement.

Can I buy standalone offerings and add as I need others?

Yes, Clear Finance Cloud is modular and enterprises are free to select one or combination of few offerings and capabilities per their requirement and roadmap.

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