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We are on a mission to simplify finances for Indians. We make software for invoices, taxes, payments and credit with a promise of saving money and time for millions of businesses, their supply chains, accountants and employees. We have grown over years to now ‘see’ a material portion of India’s economic graph on our network.

We process about 10% of India’s B2B invoices, which is over $300B of trade value every year.

We contribute to 10% of India’s e-Invoice generation.

We saved over ₹1,000 Cr for more than 400K businesses last year, roughly 2-7% of their tax outflow.

Over 2,000 of India’s biggest brands and large corporates trust us for our promises.

Over 80,000 tax experts use our platform every year.

We handle over 10% of India’s income tax returns.

Over 2M people come back to us every year to manage their taxes.

We help over 130M Indians demystify personal finances on our website every year.

All of this is delivered to our customers through the convenience of cloud. They access our products via web and desktop applications, mobile phones and APIs.

India’s massive tax digitisation was a monumental change for top 12M businesses in India. However, tax credits are claimable if all actors in the chain are compliant. Our product suite not only enables this compliance but also allows the ecosystem to stay connected with shared visibility of structured invoice data, payment flow and tax behaviour.

This helps businesses reconcile their payables and taxation workflows. This allows the ecosystem to score each other on credit and trade worthiness. They can now assess financing needs and risks across better vectors.

The network has been seeded so far with 10% of India’s b2b transactions. With more participants, it only becomes richer, more powerful and more valuable to businesses. We are on a focused mission to make every business in India benefit from the Clear network.

Even as we graduate from taxes to connected businesses and financial services, we will continue to simplify finances and bring clarity to the fore.

We are Clear.

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ITR filing
File tax return in under 3 minutes
Smart, Fast & Reliable e-Invoicing Solution
Unblock working capital through 100% ITC claims
Protect your business from non-compliant invoices
Clear finance cloud
Build a connected Finance Ecosystem
Invoice discounting
Maximise EBITDA by paying your vendors early using our platform


growing businesses


large enterprises


tax experts


tax filers

More capital for SMEs, catalyst to India’s GDP

We infuse capital into SMEs in many ways. Our platform saves more than ₹1000 Cr for Indian businesses each year. They get payments early with Clear. We also provide collateral-free, filing behaviour based loans to further boost their working capital needs.


tax savings for SMEs


faster vs alternatives


SMEs on platform

Melvin Tom

Proprietor, AVE M Engineering


They really helped us during the pandemic with simplified loan disbursement and support in a short span of time.

Powering Fortune 500s, their network in real time

We partner with large businesses and their entire vendor-distributor network with a powerful fully intergrated e-Invoicing, GST, e-Waybill and Vendor stack. With 99.99% uptime and scale that supports upload of upto 1 GB data in few seconds, we are trusted by some of India’s largest Fortune 500 companies.


B2B invoice
value flowing


businesses visible
in our network


man-days saved
per GSTIN per year

Pratush Kumar

JK Tyres


They have transformed how we handle GST, e-Invoice and e-Waybills. We’ve eliminated non-compliance and effort duplication.

More and easier wealth creation for millenials

We are oversimplifying wealth creation and savings for you. We revolutionised the idea of self filing with a click of the button. As taxes, investment and personal finance go hand in hand, we are now powering the financial growth along with saving time and money for you.

7 min

time taken to
file taxes


organizations visible
in Form 16s


man-hours saved
in filing

Sakshi Pandey

Salaried Tax Payer


Fastest filing ever! I used my phone for the first time to file my taxes and it went so smoothly.

Tax professionals growing their practice faster with us

We are powering tax experts to maximize savings for their clients by claiming every input tax credit deserved. Tax experts are trusted by clients by accurate and timely compliance needs. We eliminate filing errors and are 3X faster than government, which creates time and peace of mind for our customers.


tax savings


times faster than


trusting experts
on platform

VCas and Co

Tax Expert Firm


We file GST returns for more than 250 clients. Without ClearTax, it wouldn’t have been possible. Fast and easy.

Invoicing made simple and compliant.

Our suites take care of all of your invoicing needs, right from ingestion to creation, validation and reconciliation.


e-Way Bills

Custom GST invoicing

Invoice ingestion

Invoice validation

Invoice reconciliation

Taxes made simple and rewarding.

With us, our clients always save. Businesses save 7% of GST outflow every single month. Individuals save upto ₹86,000 on income taxes every year.


Payments made simple and quick.

Sync your accounts payable and indirection tax workflows. Remind your non-compliant vendors. Reward your compliant ones. Collect from your customers faster and on-time.


In a form and place of your choice.

Our software is 100% cloud based. So that you can access them from any place, any time on a system of your preference.



invoice value processed


businesses in network


B2B invoices processed


income tax filed


tax filers


expert assistances

Know us better

We see a material portion of India's economic graph. Learn about how we are saving money and time for businesses and people alike. If you share our mission, let us talk.