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What is Clear Capture?

Clear Capture is an AI-based smart solution that helps your Accounts Payable team automate invoice entry and detect non-compliant invoices.
Clear Capture is an AI-based web and mobile application for your AP team to automate invoice entry and detect non-compliant invoices.

Automate invoice entry

Automatically extract data from your vendor invoices as well as QR codes.

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Validate purchase invoices

Scan invoices against 47 compliance checks and review high risk items.

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Push to your

Smart sync of accurate and validated invoices with your ERP.

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How does Clear Capture work?

On average, 150 per 1000 invoices received by enterprises pose a compliance risk.

Clear Capture is an industry-first solution to validate and process your incoming documents and sync only the accepted invoices with your ERP.

Why should your AP team use Clear Capture?

Detect Mismatched Invoices

At least 15% of your purchase invoices may have mismatches with e-way bill, QR code, and GSTR 2A resulting in ITR losses.

Clear capture automatically detects mismatching invoices by comparing them with the data from your GST account.

Automatic Invoice Extraction

Manual entry of a single invoice may need upto 120 keystrokes. This can take at least 12 minutes resulting in a 4% error rate.

Clear Capture cuts your invoice entry time from minutes to seconds by automating with its AI-based data extraction technology.

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About Clear AP

ClearAP is the Accounts Payable automation platform created by the makers of Cleartax. We are eager to replicate our success in simplifying AP and invoice compliance for enterprises. ClearAP enables automation of accounts payable processes, by providing an efficient invoice validation & management system to ensure compliance, increase savings, and deepen engagement with all your suppliers.

At Clear, our sister concern, we have been making usable and dependable software solutions that serve individuals, SMEs, CAs, and enterprise customers since 2011. The repeated requests from our customers for other high-quality solutions to augment their existing software products led us to launch ClearAP, which will run in parallel to our existing software/SaaS offerings.

Clear Capture is the first product to launch as part of ClearAP suite to enable enterprises to automate the process of invoice entry. Clear Capture helps enterprises in avoiding penalties due to processing of wrong invoices, minimizes errors, cuts short the man hours needed for invoice data entry while reducing overheads.

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Frequently asked questions

1. What scale of business would benefit from Clear Capture?

If your company manages at least a few hundreds of Vendors or processes at least a few tens of thousands of vendor invoices per annum then you will see a drastic benefit in efficiency with Clear Capture.

2. How is this product different from an OCR based digitisation solution?

Clear Capture is first in the industry to provide an integrated solution to extract data from an invoice via OCR as well as validate the extracted data against over 40+ checks with several sources of government data. Clear Capture ensures that the invoices that flow into your ERP are always guaranteed to be 100% compliant.

3. I am already using a scanner to scan my invoices. Can I still use this product?

Yes, you can. ClearCapture has the capability to automatically pick the scanned copies of the invoices from a common folder or an email address. This makes it very flexible for you to route your vendor invoices across multiple channels.

4. How many validation checks are run by ClearCapture on an incoming invoice?

ClearCapture automatically detects mismatching invoices by running them through 40+ detailed compliance checks & comparing the invoices with the data available on the GST portal.

5. How does ClearCapture detect if a vendor e-invoice is valid or not?

ClearCapture runs checks at the invoice level as well as the Vendor GSTIN level for every e-invoice. It decodes the QR code and detects whether the vendor GSTIN is e-invoice mandated or not. The solution also reads 8 other fields from the QR code to verify if the invoice is digitally signed by the NIC.

6. Can the approved invoices be pushed to my ERP?

ClearCapture supports integration with most of the industry-standard ERP’s in the market. By integrating your ERP with ClearCapture, you can ensure that the approved invoices with the validated information are pushed to your ERP as per your specific requirement.

7. Will ClearCapture read all the header & line level information from the invoices?

ClearCapture will automatically capture every header field of an invoice ( such as Vendor GSTIN, address, contact details, invoice date, IRN etc.) as well as the line item fields (such as product description, HSN/SAC code, tax rates, invoice amount etc.). The extracted invoice field data can then be exported as an excel sheet with a customized format as per your requirement.

8. Does ClearCapture support invoices of any formats?

ClearCapture supports invoices in multiple formats such as pdf/docx/tiff/png/jpeg etc

9. I am not sure about the accuracy of data extraction using OCR. How good is ClearCapture?

ClearCapture’s technology is based on an AI engine that is auto-trained to read Indian specific invoices very accurately. The engine has been modelled across thousands of indian invoice templates. Unlike ClearCapture, most OCR tools in the market are trained for US/EU invoices and do not perform well for Indian invoice formats

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