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Transforming the supplier financing for India’s foremost bearings manufacturer

Our client adopted the Clear Invoice Discounting platform to onboard their suppliers onto a single platform. They introduced facility to their suppliers and easily achieved their goal of increasing the Returns on Cash Funds.

Client Overview

Our client is a top Friction Solutions provider, with an estimated turnover of over ₹1,000 Crores. They run eight manufacturing units in South East Asia, producing needle and cylindrical bearings, ball bearings, thrust bearings, and other anti-friction solutions.

Key Challenges

The challenges that pushed our client to make changes to their Supplier Financing Model were:

The company’s priority was to increase their returns on cash funds, and by extension improve their EBITDA.

The organisation wanted to drastically improve the low vendor participation in the discounting programmes.

The company wanted to address the problems caused by the complete dearth of financial flexibility for suppliers.

Our Solution

Our dedicated team of account managers ensured that 250-plus vendors were onboarded quickly and easily to the Clear Invoice Discounting platform.

This led to 14,688 invoices (worth more than ₹ 150 Crores) being discounted through cash discounting and various financial institutions, in the past year alone.

This accounts for more than 71% of the total vendors: 11 times the earlier best participation number!

Results Achieved

Our client realised their goal of substantially increasing the Returns on Cash Funds by achieving an average return of 11.8% p.a. on surplus funds

Over 250 Suppliers were onboarded on the platform in a very short time. This accounted for more than 71% of the total supplier base

With nearly 15,000 invoices discounted over the past 12 months, over ₹ 150 Crores were transacted through our platform.

Clear understands supply chain finance nuances. Through our algorithm-based auction and dynamic discounting solutions, we bring efficiencies for the enterprise clients working capital management.
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